Published Poetry


Personnel, Cordite Poetry Review, 88: Transqueer

Lifeline, Eye to the Telescope, 29

The Cooler, The Interpreter’s House, 68

Repertory, The Best New British and Irish Poets 2018, Eyewear Publishing

Edgelands, Cordite Poetry Review, 84: Suburbia

Ask, Eye to the Telescope, 27


The Switch, Kaleidotrope, Summer 2017

Sheer, Mirror Dance, Summer 2017

Fallers, Rattle, 56 (Summer 2017)

The Well, Liminality, 11

The Dig, Through the Gate, January 6th 2017


headache (hoofbeats), Butcher’s Dog, 8

The Trade, The Stinging Fly, Issue 35 Volume 2: Fear and Fantasy

Exploding Head Manifesto, Cordite Poetry Review, 80: Explode

But after, Eye to the Telescope, 22

A Spell a Day, Kaleidotrope, Autumn 2016
— included in Michael Matheson’s Recommended Reading for 2016

The Ritual, Liminality, 9

Thy will be done, Cordite Poetry Review, 55: Future Machines

Paperback Spells, Eunoia Review, April 17th

The weatherperson’s partner, Eunoia Review, April 16th

Faith, Liminality, 7

The Muse of Cuts, Mirror Dance, Spring 2016

The Reckoning, Eye to the Telescope, 19

Not Even Cursed, Kaleidotrope, Winter 2016


The Hoard-Stealers’ Ball, Mirror Dance, Autumn 2015

The Hero’s Journey, Liminality, 4

I have heard the Martians singing, Eye to the Telescope, 16

The Field, Not One of Us, 53

Anymore, The Interpreter’s House, 58

The Engineer, The Interpreter’s House, 58