The Hoard-Stealers’ Ball in Mirror Dance

The Autumn 2015 issue of Mirror Dance is out, including my poem The Hoard-Stealers’ Ball.

I’m very pleased to have a poem in Mirror Dance. Thanks to Megan Arkenberg.

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‘The Hero’s Journey’ in Liminality

Liminality issue 4 has gone live today, and I’m really delighted that it includes my poem ‘The Hero’s Journey‘.

I’m very happy to be in such good company. Thanks to Mattie Joiner and Shira Lipkin.

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Alan Garner on creativity

In 1966 […] I was reading graffiti in the waiting room at Alderley Edge Station. One, done in chalk, was: “Janet Heathcoat = Alan Flask. It is true.” Somebody had added, in silver lipstick, without punctuation or a capital letter: “not really now not any more”. And the sky fell on me. The result was the novel Red Shift, six years’ work, finished in 1972.

from a great piece by Alan Garner on creativity, in the New Statesman here.

Memo to self: re-read Red Shift this summer.

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Two poems in The Interpreter’s House


The Interpreter’s House number 58 is out, with a great cover by Stuart Mugridge and a lively introduction by editor Martin Malone. The issue contains poems and short stories by over 60 writers, and includes my poems ‘The Engineer’ and ‘Anymore’. They were my first two acceptances, and I’m delighted they’re also my first two published poems.

The Interpreter’s House website is here.

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Welcome and contact details


I write poetry and short fiction. I’m on twitter as @harpertext, my email is: harpertext [at] outlook [.] com

I don’t blog as much as I used to.

Thanks for stopping by.

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