‘The missing’ at bath magg

If there is snow outside then it follows
there must be a character outside in the snow

Issue 11 of bath magg is live, and I am delighted that it includes my poem ‘The missing’ .

Many thanks to editors Mariah Whelan, Joe Carrick-Varty, and Gboyega Odubanjo.

You can read the poem here: ‘The missing‘.


‘Circle (tarot)’ at The Interpreter’s House

After the fistfight which was more of a scuffle — a circle /
of kids around us chanting
fight when it wasn’t

The Interpreter’s House issue 79 is now live. I’m delighted the issue contains my poem ‘Circle (tarot)’.

Many thanks to editors Georgi Gill and Louise Peterkin.

You can read the poem here: Circle (tarot).

‘Broken (interaction)’ at Cordite Poetry Review

It happened in the sand dunes, so I’m told. I don’t remember.

Cordite Poetry Review issue 108 is now live. The issue has the theme of Dedication, and it contains my poem ‘Broken (interaction)’.

Many thanks to editors Lou Garcia-Dolnik, Luke Patterson, and Kent MacCarter!

You can read the poem here: ‘Broken (interaction)

‘The Cooler’ in The Interpreter’s House

Delighted to say that The Interpreter’s House issue 68 is out, the final issue edited by Martin Malone and assistant Charles Lauder Jnr. I’m delighted my poem ‘The Cooler’ is included, my second appearance in TIH after two of my poems appeared in issue 58. Thanks to Martin and Charles.

It’s a great journal, 130 pages of always interesting poetry and reviews, and I look forward to seeing the next issues from editor Georgi Gill and assistant Andrew Wells.