Name change to A.D. Harper

I’ve been considering a change of writing name for a while as there are several poets writing or performing as Alex Harper, as well as several others writing or performing non-poetry material. (Hello to you all, if you’re reading this!)

So, from today I’m writing as A.D. Harper. As far as I can see there are no other A.D. Harpers writing or performing poetry.

This site’s URL becomes, and my email address becomes, matching my twitter handle @harpertext. (I’ll still receive email addressed to, and following links to will still bring you here.)

Two obvious downsides (there may be many more): I’ve been publishing as Alex Harper for 3 years, and I’m sorry to make a name change mid-flight, but I’d rather change now than in another few years’ time. Secondly, researching the use of initials in a name throws up lots of issues, many of which are covered in Debbie Young’s useful post Writing: Using Initials in your Name. I may come to look fondly on the clarity of Alex Harper, and rue the need for decisions about whether I am AD Harper, A.D. Harper, A D Harper, etc.

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